Ge Desal (1231048) Duraslick - Low Fouling Membranes Ro 4040 Duraslick 4" X 40" 2000 Gpd

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Operating Pressure 225 PSIDuraslick thin film membrane elements are engineered for use with fouling-prone brackish water applications.Duraslick RO elements provide high rejection of sodium chloride and a broader pH range.Osmonics Duraslick membrane elements incorporate an innovative membrane design that is significantly smoother, less fouling and more consistent.GE Osmonics Desal RO 2540 Duraslick elements feature a FRP outer wrap and 31 mil feed spacers and is designed with male end connections.Duraslick membranes require less frequent cleaning, reducing energy usage, lower consumption of chemicals and longer element life

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