1954-1955 Lancia D50 Red 1/18 Diecast Model Car By Cmc

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/span/liliLong live the revolutionary spirit!/liliThe design of the D50 was master-minded by Vittorio Jano with revolutionary innovations to cope with the new rules imposed on Grand Prix racing

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Alberto Ascari a two-time world champion from the years before signed to drive for Lancia

Among its characteristic features were a transaxle that lowered the center of gravity significantly a light-weight compact V8 engine with a 90 deg cylinder angle and four overhead camshafts and aerodynamically-shaped pannier fuel tanks

Luigi Villoresi another outstanding driver...

The gearbox was mounted transversally just in front of the de Dion rear axle

These were ground-breaking features that made the D50 one of a kind./liliLancia acute s ambitious Formula One project soon caught the attention of big shots in the racing world

To get the drive shaft which was rotating in concert with the crankshaft revolution to bypass the driver cabin the engine was tilted off the longitudinal axis by 12 deg to the left