Bel-Art Products 40403-0325, Riteflow Guarded Flowtube 150Mm Size 5

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Universal Millimeter Scales Ideal for flow measurements in the lab, in pilot plants, chromatography, and in manufacturing processes, these heavy-walled, shock-resistant flowmeters feature borosilicate glass construction

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Flow measurements are taken by reading the center of the float on the Universal Scale

Maximum operating pressure is 200 psig with a maximum operating temperature of 65.5 176 C 150 176 F

Operating pressures up to 200 psig and maximum temperatures of 121 176 C Key Features Size 5 Feature fused ceramic scales accurate to within 2 of full scale Reproducibility is 0.25 Uniformly tapered bores with internal rib guides to stabilize the float Floats of glass, stainless steel or carbaloy

Panel/bench mounted flowmeters available with PTFE or aluminum valves

Riteflow Guarded Flowtubes Especially when used under high pressure, guarded tubes reduce risk and offer a greater margin of safety and protection against shattering flowtubes

Scales of this type permit utilization of a given flowmeter for a diverse range of different fluids at diverse pressure and temperature conditions

The flowtube is shrouded in a plastic cylindrical guard which has two end bushings, 6.3mm 1/4 quot NPT fittings and an O.D

The height to which the float rises within the metering tube is correlated with specific flow rates on the Mm scales, through the use of appropriate calibration data sheets or curves

These units offer a minimum 10 1 useful flow range with one float better than 20 1 useful flow range with two floats

Unmounted tubes have plain ends guarded tubes are sheathed in a plastic housing

Of 25mm 1 quot